Fragrant disinfectant

Fragrant disinfectant

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Cleanbrace disinfectant - 150ml bottle

Calm Forest 🌲- the gentle scent of cedarwood & orange

Crazy Berry 🍓- the fruity note of forest berries

Fresh Lemon 🍋 - the vitalizing freshness of lemons

Wild Ocean 🌊 - the invigorating breath of a sea breeze

Our disinfectant "Made in Germany" stands for quality and effectiveness in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Our formula, awarded the dermatest guarantee and the grade "very good", is particularly suitable for protecting the whole family in times of crisis. Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, our water-based disinfectant does not dry out the hands.

Use biocidal products with care. Always read label and product information before use

  • 150ml bottle
  • Hand and surface disinfection
  • water-based
  • pH-neutral
  • Made in Germany

Contains per 100 g: 0.20 g hypochlorous acid; 0.03 g silver nitrate

BAUA-No.: N-95450

  • 150ml Flasche
  • Hand- und Flächendesinfektion
  • wasserbasiert
  • pH-neutral
  • Made in Germany

Enthält pro 100 g: 0,20 g Hypochlorige Säure; 0,03 g Silbernitrat

BAUA-Nr.: N-95450

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