Our Story

The origin of the idea

Milestone 1

Day and night at the 3d printer

Milestone 2

A strong team for the future

Milestone 3

We take responsibility

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Milestone 4

Expansion of the injection moulding production

Milestone 5

The second Cleanbrace Generation

To the shop

Milestone 6

New shop, individualisation and retail launch

But why a bracelet at all?

Handy, uncomplicated and inconspicuous, this is how the users of the Cleanbrace describe their bracelet. These are three of the most important points for a wrist solution. A disinfectant bottle is often lost in a bag or car or forgotten at home. With a wristband, the user notices immediately if it is missing. Added to this is the practical handling. With a wristband, there is no need to rummage around in the bag.

After contact with dirty surfaces, the user can immediately disinfect his hands without having to soil other surfaces himself. The customers as well as the founders were particularly convinced by the uncomplicated handling that the wristband offers. Simply applying pressure is enough and there is enough disinfectant in the palm of the hand.

What makes us!

In contrast to other manufacturers, we have placed great value on the functionality as well as the design of our everyday helper. Our bracelet is not a low-cost production from the Far East or low-wage countries. Our Cleanbrace is developed, tested and manufactured here in Germany. Since the foundation of our company and the first pitch of the Cleanbrace we are continuously working on the improvement of our product.

Our Cleanbrace 2.0 is the result of honest customer evaluations and weeks of testing in practice. With this wristband for hand hygiene we want to make everyday life cleaner and safer. We are a company that cares about the needs of our customers. Our claim is to offer the best solution to every customer. In addition, social responsibility towards society is very important to us.